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Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that defines your lips, creating volume and fullness. It also corrects any asymmetry or darkness, giving your lips a very youthful appearance



Powder brows is a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup. Powder effect is done with a shading technique using a permanent makeup device, which is similar to a tattoo gun.








nipple reconstruction .jpg

Our goal is to help breast cancer survivors on the road to recovery in getting back to a normal life. We have perfected the 3D nipple tattoo and areola color to create a look that is very natural, or we create a tattoo design coverup. This is a service for breast cancer survivors who have completed the surgical reconstructive process. In most cases this is a two session process. The initial session is 2-3 hours. Most clients feel little to no discomfort. We can apply topical numbing in the event you do have any sensitivity. The second session can be done 4 to 8 weeks after your initial session.

Nanoblading for eyebrows fills in scarce, thin eyebrows for a thicker appearance. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair-like tattoo strokes. These strokes look like natural hair.

This technique doesn’t only thicken the appearance of eyebrows, it can also change the shape of your brows.

Eyeliner Tattoos are considered as semi-permanent cosmetic makeup which utilizes tattooing pigment on the eye line of the lashes. You can always have an option for thin, fine, medium to thick, and winged eyeliner style making the eternity excellent smear-proof, waterproof, and long-lasting tattoo eyelid liner.

Microblading leaves tiny, natural-looking hair strokes, while microshading leaves small, pinpoint dots that create the whole look. At the end, your eyebrows will look fuller and thicker.

This technique is not for everyone. Come for a consultation. 

This eyeliner technique sits directly on the top lash line and blends into your lashes. One of the greatest advantages of eyeliner enhancement is that it will never smudge and always have a beautiful shape that is professionally drawn. Eyeliner enhancement is also known as eyelash enhancement, lash enhancement, eyeliner tattoo.

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