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Non-Invasive Plumping for Fuller Lips without Injectables

Fotona SMOOTH® provides an immediate response that will be noticed. In contrast to injectable fillers, the LipLase™ treatment is non-invasive, and there is nothing artificial as patients develop their own collagen in their lips.

With several adjusted passes the characteristics of ‘ideal lips’ can be achieved such as fullness, volume, correct balance between the upper and lower lips and a well-defined vermilion border.

Benefits of LipLase

  • Fuller, smoother lips

  • Stimulates collagen remodeling

  • Initiates new collagen synthesis

  • No needles, no downtime

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Lasers for Lip Enhancement

There are several reasons why lasers are preferred when treating the lips and other facial features for wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and other conditions. They offer precision control, minimal downtime and extremely safe results. In addition, they provide fast recovery times and high patient satisfaction rates.

How Long Does LipLase Last?

Results vary based on individual factors including age, genetics, lifestyle habits and overall health. Most patients report seeing noticeable changes after just one treatment. However, most people need  four additional treatments spaced at least four weeks apart to maintain full benefits. After full treatment is completed some patients may opt to have one or two treatments done every year to maintain long lasting optimal results.

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