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Fotona’s HAIRestart® laser hair growth stimulation has proven to be an effective method for treating hair loss disorders.The innovative feature of this patented technology is the ability to act in a non-ablative manner, producing mild, precisely engineered thermal pulses. This ensures that the laser light delivers therapeutic temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp tissue gently, safely and efficiently.

Studies show that laser thermal pulsing of the scalp during HAIRestart® treatment activates signaling pathways inside the skin, resulting in the production of growth factors and new extracellular matrix proteins that trigger the regeneration process. The hair cycle is promoted by faster telogen to anagen transitions, resulting in an increase in hair density and thickness. Laser therapy also increases vasodilation and neoangiogenesis, thus blood flow is increased at the dermal papilla.

Before and After 
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Non-Invasive Laser Stimulation of Hair Growth Results:

• Prevents further hair loss

• Increases hair density and thickness

• Promotes new follicle growth

• Non-invasive

• No medications

• No down-time

What to expect during treatment?

Depending on the treatment area, sessions can take approximately 30 minutes. The procedure is non-invasive. Patients will experience a gentle warming of the skin and hair, with little to no discomfort. Post-op instructions will be given to patient. 

What to expect after treatment?

Some patients may feel a little dryness over the treatment area; however, this will subside after a day or two and patients will begin to see results within the first few months post-treatment. Of course, as with any treatment, results will vary in every patient. 

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